She’s Out of My League

Rated 1.0

Jay Baruchel’s Adam Sandler-on-horse-pills shtick has been barely tolerable in minor roles, but forcing him to carry the creaky She’s Out of My League is like asking a Little Leaguer to bat against Roy Halladay. Baruchel plays Kirk, a gawky but decent Pittsburgh Transportation Security Administration worker whose gallantry catches the eye of party planner Molly (Alice Eve, trapped). Molly is more attractive than Kirk, a point hammered home in every single scene, especially those with Kirk’s requisite douche friend Stainer (T.J. Miller, inexplicably told at some point in his development that staring into space and shouting every line in monotone is hilarious). Kirk also feels inferior because he’s not a pilot, even though TSA workers make about twice much as pilots (and certainly more than most Pittsburgh party planners). This is what your mind travels when the “comedy centerpiece” features a cum-licking dog.