See food inside.

It’s daunting to enter Mariscos Mazatlan (4800 Franklin Boulevard), because its reflective windows make the place seem closed. Inside, though, you’ll glimpse a crowd slurping oysters ($.99 each), seafood soups and ceviche. They have a cucumber-studded version that has both pulpo and camarones (for $3.25!), and the purple-skinned octopus is tender and fresh. They serve teeny-weeny tacos for $1.25, and the asada is salty, beefy and nicely chewy. Order at the window; ambience is bare bones, save a mural of a typical Matzatlán fishing boat snagging a leaping marlin. Sadly, the menu does not contain a most delicious Sinaloan delight: the smoked marlin taco.