You go

Sometimes people send random and horrible things into the SN&R office, like books on how to light your farts on fire and Randy Travis Christmas CDs. But last week we got a box of Go Girl energy drink, not to be confused with the GoGirl piss funnel, which, from their Web site, is described as “a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to pee while standing up.” Two very different companies. Anyway, the energy drink—this one was a peach tea flavor—is 35 calories and uses the slogan, “Made for a woman, but guys can drink it too.” However, the very manly SN&R news editor, R.V. Scheide, just walked by clutching a Go Girl, saying, “It’s nasty man; it’s rank.” But it’s not that bad; it kind of tastes like when you throw up in your mouth after you’ve been drinking Long Islands all night.