See a shrink … uh, cancel that

First sign you need a new therapist: The old one is stalking you.

First sign you need a new therapist: The old one is stalking you.

Photo By David Fulk

William J Geery Theater

2130 L St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

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Rated 4.0

If you’ve ever thought your therapist is crazier than you are … you’re probably right. That’s the message in Christopher Durang’s outrageously funny Beyond Therapy, given a hold-your-sides production under the direction of Shawn B. O’Neal. His genius lies in casting Mahlon Hall as Bruce, a bisexual man looking for a wife, and Kellie Raines as Prudence, a straight woman with a sorry track record where men are concerned, since their chemistry is the catalyst for the rest of the show. Raines in particular reveals a real gift for comedy; her “If this is Wonderland, I must be Alice” attitude goes a long way toward making her the sanest nut in a very insane tree. As the dueling therapists, Wade Lucas (Stuart) and Anne-Marie Trout (Charlotte) are properly outrageous, and Lucas has just the right edge of skanky manwhore about him. As Bob, Dann Mead brings a touch of pathos along with an urge to get even to his role as Bruce’s other lover. Sexual identity has never seemed as fluid as it does in this show, and you’ll laugh your way right out of therapy.

Beyond Therapy; 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday, March 13. $12-$15. Kookaburra Productions at the Geery Theater, 2130 L Street; (916) 873-2636; Through March 27.