Sebastian Bach

Angel Down

Angel Down is essentially an extension of the 1991 Skid Row classic Slave to the Grind. Sebastian Bach’s new band (a who’s-who of metal) displays an old-school sensibility: a grimy, no-bullshit brand of street rock that’s been missing since the ’80s. And boy, did we miss it. The title track opens with a meditative intro that leads, of course, into a ripping guitar riff. Add Bach’s vocals and you’ll experience sonic napalm. It’s refreshing to hear lyrics like, “I got my fist in the air. / Checkin’ out of the rat race / and I really don’t care!” It’s simple metal. And you’d almost think Axl Rose’s appearance (on three tracks) would steal the show, yet Bach’s signature theatrical scream is still menacing enough to blow Rose clear out of the water (which could be what he needs to finally release the anticipated Chinese Democracy album). So, with a song entitled “American Metalhead,” seriously, how can you not be excited?