Sat, Oct 17, Brian McKenna’s 20 x 40

Harlow’s, 10 p.m., $15

If it seems as though promoter Brian McKenna has been booking music shows in Sacramento for forever, it’s because he has. From his early days working with Jerry Perry at the now-defunct Cattle Club to his current run booking shows at various Midtown and suburban venues, the Sacramento native’s had a hand in booking everyone including Nirvana, X, Peaches, Blackalicious and Lyrics Born. Now, McKenna celebrates “20 years in the music industry [and] 40 years on the planet” with a show that celebrates two decades in the business. On the bill: local rock band Kai Kln, along with Nomeansno, Triclops! and, McKenna’s personal music hero, Mike Watt. 2708 J Street,