Spicy Miso, Shoki Ramen House

Illustration by Serene Lusano

Shoki Ramen House doesn’t mess around when it comes to mounds of noodles with ample meat and veggies swimming in flavorful broth served in a bucket-sized bowl. One of the many tasty options for ramen on its huge menu is Spicy Miso ($9.90). Swirling in steaming miso broth are generous portions of corn, spinach, moyashi (bean sprouts), cabbage, hard-boiled egg and chashu (pork). The noodles can be substituted with gluten-free or yam noodles ($1.50, $2), and the spice level can be adjusted for preference. The only problem with Spicy Miso Ramen is that it’s nearly impossible to stop eating even when a happily stuffed stomach protests. 1201 R St.,