When torta met Philly

Pepito de Arrachera, Cielito Lindo

It’s possibly a faux pas to visit a Mexican eatery—especially one as fantastic as Cielito Lindo—and order something as uninspiring as a sandwich, but its Pepito de Arrachera (steak sandwich, $11.95) proved to be irresistible—and it did not disappoint. Refried pinto beans are spread on a buttered baguette and stacked with juicy grilled flank steak. A creamy chipotle sauce is slathered on top, along with super fresh pico de gallo and avocado slices. It’s like the torta, Philly cheesesteak and hoagie had a secret love child and we all benefit from the illicit affair. 3672 J St., cielitolindomg.com.