Rock me like …

Bourb-icane, the Jungle Bird

Illustration by Serene Lusano

I’m not a fan of sweet froufrou drinks, which made me anxious about ordering from Sacramento’s new tiki bar the Jungle Bird. Tiki drinks are, by their very nature, usually sugary. The bar’s Bourb-icane ($8) turned out be a simple pleasure, however. Made with Four Roses Bourbon and passionfruit syrup, any sweetness here is cut by lemon juice, sparkling wine and a healthy dash of bitters and absinthe. The resulting drink is pretty enough—it’s served in a tall cocktail glass garnished with a hibiscus petal—but the flavor profile is refreshingly clean, strong and, if a beverage can be such a thing, stoic. No fuss, no sugary muss. 2516 J Street,