Rilo Kiley

More Adventurous

The trick with being a Rilo Kiley fan is conveying your awareness of, but not explicitly discussing, the fact that half its members were once child actors. That matters because the indie-pop quartet seems to exude a desire to be liked but also, what’s less common, some integrity. The band’s third album, More Adventurous, benefits from ambitious but approachable songwriting by frontwoman Jenny Lewis and guitarist Blake Sennett (the former TV tykes in question), in catchy, well-realized arrangements. Lewis’ voice—by turns pining, soothing and brazen—covers many shades of heartache and makes you feel OK about screwing up your relationships. “I read that with every broken heart we should become more adventurous,” she sings on the title track; you can sense, and appreciate, the band trying to live up to that line as a creative mission statement.