Punching dough

Blair Anthony Robertson, the new restaurant critic at The Sacramento Bee, is an avid cyclist. He says, “I have a personal rule, which is that the farther you are from your bike, the more ridiculous you look in bike clothes.” So you won’t see him doing his reviews in spandex, but this is how he enjoys guilt-free eating:

“Every Thanksgiving, my girlfriend and I take a long ride, and I have to burn 3,500 calories before I eat. We’ve been going to the buffet at the Sheraton Grand on J Street, where we can go back and get second helpings.

“There’s nothing like the hunger of a cyclist who’s done a long ride. After the Foxy Fall Century each year, we always eat at Dos Coyotes in Davis.

“I’m a sourdough-bread baker, and my sourdough schedule has to fit into my cycling. Sometimes I have to turn around on a ride to go punch down my dough, and my friends don’t really understand that.”