Kate’s faves

Since she tried hundreds of dishes as the former SN&R food critic, I asked Kate Washington about her three most memorable meals during her nearly five years on the job.

“Usually, I’m just not going to drive to Folsom for dinner, but I was trying to cover the whole area. The long-departed Baccaras, where Luc Dendievel cooked, was really lovely. I remember a scallop dish with corn, and how attentive the sommelier was even though I was just getting a glass of wine.

“More recently, I loved the sushi at Akebono II. The place looks like nothing special, but was a welcome respite from over-mayoed creations. I probably wouldn’t have sought it out if I hadn’t read good buzz and had to fill the column.

“Some were memorable, but not in a good way. Ages ago, I reviewed state fair food, and of course some was yummy (gyros), some appealingly kitschy (fried things on a stick). But I still shudder when I think about the puffy, greasy, icky-sticky deep-fried Oreo.”