GF Specialty Market’s Melanie Weir recommendations

GF Specialty Market claims itself as being “the first all gluten-free market in California,” and it’s right here in Midtown (2612 J Street, Co-owner Melanie Weir, who often hears the (for some) indigestible protein pronounced “glutton,” recommends some tasty “gloo-ten”-free fare, for discriminate and indiscriminate eaters alike. Binging optional.

Azna [Gluten Free] cinnamon rolls. They’re all gluten-free and vegan and out of Cameron Park. I’m really big on local [goods]. These are top sellers, for sure.“One of the products that’s coming in [this] week [and then being carried regularly] is Farmer’s Kitchen Cafe butternut squash raviolis. They’re bio-local-regional, which means you know where you’re food is coming from; they’re out of Davis.

“We started carrying Synergy kombucha as a response to neighborhood request. They’re a good probiotic. Basically, we try to carry as much products as possible for the community, as long as they are free of wheat, oat and barley.”