In the soup

Fall finally seems to be here. I asked Lynn Gowdy of Whole Foods, who contributes to the blog Sacatomato (, about her favorite soups and stews for the season:“Winter squash and cooler fall weather equate to lots of soup in my house! Renditions with butternut, kabocha, musquee de Provence, sugar pie pumpkin and more are made weekly. A recent riff on classical squash soup included lemongrass, ginger, white miso and matcha salt flavor additions.

“Next, there is nothing better than a simple, down-to-earth minestrone with an artisanal olive oil drizzled on top. I like to add diced sweet potato varieties to mine.

“Finally, a Thai soup called tom yum soothes my soul. It is brothy, slightly spicy with lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime, optional shrimp or chicken and veggies (I throw in extra). This is a great warm you up soup and makes me feel better if I’m under the weather.”