Complex grapes

Looking for the right stuff to drink with your meal as the weather turns cooler? I asked owner-winemaker Mark West of Rominger West Winery in Davis what kinds of varietals and pairings he likes in the fall:“[The best] pairing is with really interesting food where you find new things in every bite. For fall, that means stews and roasted meats with lots of flavors—for wines to pair with that, you also want something rich and complex, something that gives you new impressions every time you go back to it.

“For me, that’s a blended wine. That’s primarily what I make here at Rominger West. I want a wine that has some richness and complexity with it to match with the food.

“One we make is our Chapman Vineyard red blend—it’s syrah, malbec and tannat. Rhone wines from France, and Rhone-style wines from California have a lot going for them.”