When cookbook author Mollie Katzen was in town, demonstrating “smart” Thanksgiving recipes, I asked for her tips on making the feast a little healthier:

“Try roasted sweet potato batons (instead of boiled and mashed with butter, sugar, marshmallows), a “smart stuffing” with [whole-grain bread and] a good amount of wild rice in it and walnuts on top.

“Avoid extra starches (mashed potatoes, rolls) and fill up the rest of the plate with delicious vegetables: green beans, roasted Brussels sprouts, spinach and romaine salad garnished with fresh apple slices.

“Between dinner and dessert, go for a lovely group walk. In addition to burning calories, this wakes everyone up a bit and helps make room for dessert.

“For dessert, serve small portions on small plates. Add just a touch (not a mound!) of whipped cream. Or consider a new tradition: thick, luxurious Greek yogurt (low-fat, but so rich-tasting!), lightly sweetened with maple syrup, instead of whipped cream.”