Coffee geography lesson

Sean Kohmescher of Temple Fine Coffee and Tea (1014 10th Street) brings the world’s best coffees to Sacramento. Here’s what’s on the map over at his downtown coffeehouse:“Java Jampit, which comes out of the Surabaya port in the lower-eastern part of Java. It’s probably one of the richest coffees that I’ve ever had: almost like dark chocolate, insanely rich, syrupy, heavy. It’s actually a sun-dried Indonesian coffee, which is pretty rare. It’s excellent, not terribly complex, but perfect for now when it’s cold outside.

“We have an El Salvador Aconcagua, from the Apaneca mountain range, which is a [Cup of Excellence winner]. It’s very syrupy, but kind of sweet, with hints of raisins, dried figs. It’s probably one of the most complex coffees we have, and it’s only $20 a pound, which, for COE, is really inexpensive.

“We’re coming back with the Ethiopian Harar single-origin espresso, which I prefer [over the Sidamo]: It’s sun-dried coffee, so it makes a syrupy espresso, but it’s just a lot more going on, a lot of milk chocolate and caramel and citrus notes, but very balanced.”