Precrime: It Works

This is a promotional Web site for the new Steven Spielberg film, Minority Report. Supposedly developed by some ad-hoc entity called Citizens for a Crime-Free America, the site looks like a more futuristic and much better designed version of, which the State Department has developed to push a program that might best be called “1-800-USnitch.” The Precrime site has neat little tests to help you determine if you’ve got what it takes, psychically speaking, to know which of your neighbors are future murderers or criminals—and should be disappeared for their own safekeeping. The Rewards for Justice site has groovy tests, too: Can you remember the state, number and status of a license plate? And what color of tie was President Bush wearing? Have you seen any suspicious activity? Children, the walls have ears: Treten Sie mit Ihren lokalen Behörden sofort in Verbindung!