Mark Fiore’s Political Cartoons

In one, a snarling Dick Cheney rants about security breaches before he’s interrupted by an announcement from “the Fundraising Mint,” which is hawking the infamously tacky print of George W. Bush on the phone from Air Force One on September 11. In another, a vicious Star Wars parody, a Death Star sucks dollars out of California and Enron storm troopers shake money out of the locals, which segues into the “prequel” Attack of the Clones, wherein multiple Bush and Cheney figures pop up, spouting “Deregulate! Market forces! Let business do it!” Bay Area political cartoonist Mark Fiore’s Web site features a number of these brilliant Flash-animated mini-movies, which are uniformly on target and typically very funny. And, since political cartoonists often of pull covers off crumbling regimes way before the mainstream press gets a clue, Fiore’s prophetic creations are a must-see.