I’m Changing the Climate!


Want to strike back at those greedhead pigs who hog the roads in their monster SUVs? This site from deep Volvoland, aka Marin County, offers one approach: Slap an “I’m Changing the Climate! Ask Me How!” bumpersticker onto the butt end of an offending Suburban or Excursion and capture the moment with a photo, before its billiard cue-wielding owner rearranges your gray matter. (“Only tag the big ones,” says the site’s rules of engagement.) While “educating” SUV owners may be a noble pursuit, the reality of what may happen instead can be found on this site’s message board, where irate “I got mine so fuck you” jackasses mix it up with Geo Metro-driving tree huggers—for boffo laughs and entertainment. The funniest stuff is on the Canadian Chapters board, where the many “I’ll bash your head if you mess with my truck, eh?” posts indicate that plenty of wingnuts can be found outside the U.S.A. Sweet.