Rock and Roll Bad

Yeah, Chuck Klosterman’s recent book Fargo Rock City made a convincing case for the POV of music fans whose experience was that Kiss invented rock ’n’ roll. Brett Meisner’s site appears, at first, to spring from the same place. But after a closer reading of his Top 10 acts (there are only nine, including the Knack, Poison, Emerson, Lake and Plamer [sic] and the Strokes—“Like the Ramones before them, New York City’s The Strokes overcame economic diversity and earned their place in rock royalty through sheer determination and good a old fashion sweat,” sez Meisner—it’s apparent that this site’s a brilliant parody. More Meisner: “Did you know … Blues Traveler frontman—and ultimate prankster—John Popper actually wears a phony ‘fat suit’ which adds 200 pounds to his frame. This is his tribute to the late great Andy Kuafman [sic].” Genius.