Plant-based sushi dreams

Made with roasted eggplant, chile and garlic, Inari tofu and ponzu sauce, vegan sushi rolls offer expansive options throughout Sacramento

I just flew in from New York City, and boy, are my arms tired—from shoveling copious quantities of amazing vegan food into my face. Apologies for both the bad joke and the visual, but trust me: NYC’s vegan scene is the stuff of plant-based dreams. One restaurant, however, made me surprisingly homesick: Beyond Sushi, which ambitiously serves only vegan sushi (and more, hence, the “beyond”)—but strays too far from the traditional Japanese fare, including the sheer absence of seaweed. To truly appreciate the deliciousness potential of vegan sushi—as opposed to the oh-so basic avocado and cucumber rolls found at most sushi joints—check out Midtown Sushi’s expansive selection of innovative vegan rolls, including a Spicy “Tuna” Roll: eggplant roasted with garlic and chile, served with daikon. Mikuni’s Saving Nemo Roll is another noteworthy vegan option, a tantalizing medley of avocado, cucumber, Inari tofu, salsa, ponzu and teriyaki sauce.