Pizza my heart

Illustration by serene lusano

We love pizza. You love pizza. SN&R dedicated an entire issue to pizza last year. Yet, no Sacramento pizza festival? Federalist Public House & Beer Garden's owners have taken matters into their own flour-dusted hands. Saturday, October 17, through Sunday, October 25, will see the city's first pizza week, officially known as “SLICED: A Celebration of All Things Pizza.” Look for exciting nightly pizza specials—Chicago-style deep-dish, perhaps? Calzones, hopefully? Does stromboli count?—and pizza-related cooking competitions between heavyweights like Bob Masullo, Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co.'s Brian Mizner and Federalist's Shannon McElroy. At press time, there were also still tickets available for pizza crawls via Sac Brew Bike with stops at Masullo, One Speed, Hot Italian, Formoli's Bistro and others. Each tour includes a slice and beer at three different joints for $50 plus service fees. Find tickets at and more information on SLICED on Facebook.