Five for forking

Illustration by TK

Assuming you're not attending the ritzy, caviar-studded gala on the Tower Bridge this weekend, then close out your Farm-to-Fork week with the Farm-to-Fork Festival on Capitol Mall. It's free and massive, with lots of fresh fare available for purchase; informative booths from local grocers, farmers and ranchers; live music; entertainment for kids and five stages for cooking demonstrations. There also will be restaurants (Shoki Ramen House, Foundation Restaurant and Bar), food trucks (Granola Girl, Slightly Skewed), coffee (Insight), desserts (Maui Wowi Hawaiian, Cornflower Creamery) and, uh, Chipotle. At least the brewery list is completely local, including not-beer providers Two Rivers Cider Co. and Nash's Natural Brewing Co., which makes kombucha. On the demo stages, watch out for local chefs like Michael Tuohy, Brian Mizner, Allyson Harvie and Taro Arai. Most exciting: a hog cutting competition among chefs led by Danny Johnson, butcher at Taylor's Market. It all goes down from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, September 26. More at