Food 101

Illustration by mark stivers

No matter where you look, class is officially in session. That goes for your casual culinary education, too. Lucca Restaurant & Bar (1615 J Street) is hosting a multipart, weekly lecture series called Food 101, featuring a variety of food experts who aren't your expected chefs or restaurateurs. One speaker delivers each day's lesson over a meal prepared by Lucca's chef Ian MacBride. For food photographer Debbie Cunningham's lecture at 11 a.m. on Saturday, October 10, students will enjoy a four-course meal plus alcoholic beverage—why couldn't college have been like this? Future teachers include Catherine “Miss Munchies” Enfield, blogger and creator of multiple food festivals; Mike Dunne, wine columnist and former food editor and critic for the Sacramento Bee; and Hank Shaw, James Beard-award winning cookbook author. There are only 50 seats available per event, and tickets cost $30. More at