Passive Aggressive Notes

Not that I’d seek it out myself (there’s nothing passive about my aggression), but this site is coffee-snorting good. If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s passive-aggressive … well, anything. Anything at all. It makes life hell for all involved. Look, if something’s a problem, just freaking say so! (Breeeeaaathe) ’Kay. This site collects those creepily pseudo-nice notes that people who don’t have confrontation down to a reflex leave behind. Imagine my surprise to see the one from Sacramento: A neighbor oh-so-kindly accusing folks of illicit drug use. Hmmm … must’ve read our “Chronictown” map and recognized her address. Read these messages left for neighbors, roommates, significant others, and remember to be grateful the next time someone yells at you to wash your own damn dishes.