Paranormal Activity 2

Rated 3.0

On the “necessary sequel” scale, Paranormal Activity 2 falls somewhere between Porky’s Revenge and a new Pirates of the Caribbean picture. Although presented as a prequel to the events in Paranormal Activity, this entertaining but awfully familiar follow-up to the surprise 2009 lo-fi horror hit is essentially a remake of the first film, albeit with a slightly larger budget and a better director (Tod Williams, who did the underrated John Irving adaptation The Door in the Floor). The film purports to explain how an insatiable underworld demon with a penchant for flickering lights and nudging kitchen fixtures came to reside with original Paranormal Activity stars Katie and Micah, who appear here in supporting parts. It’s told in the same fake “found footage” style as the first film, with the only real twist being the unpalatable introduction of a jeopardized infant.