Tron: Legacy

Rated 3.0

There are those who would claim that the recent obsession with remaking unwatchable movies from the 1970s and ’80s is an apocalyptic sign of Hollywood’s complete dearth of original ideas, but that would be like proclaiming a corpse officially dead in the middle of its autopsy. The truth is that the studios rarely fare any worse butchering novels, ruining plays and generally defecating on your childhood than they do when left to their own creative devices (Paul, anyone? Anyone?). Last year’s muddled but entertaining Tron: Legacy fared better than most of its kind, markedly improving on the 1982 Disney film about a man getting sucked into his computer, a film that today holds only nostalgic appeal. Regardless, Disney has repackaged the first film as Tron: The Original Classic, an accurate description only in the sense that lasagna left in your refrigerator for five months is an “original classic.”