All Good Things

Rated 3.0

Documentary filmmaker Andrew Jarecki (Why We Fight) makes his feature debut with the unsubtle but effective mystery All Good Things, based on the real-life unsolved murder of Kathleen McCormack. The character gets renamed Katie Marks for the film version, while McCormack’s husband Robert Durst, heir to an overbearing real-estate tycoon and the chief suspect in Katie’s murder, is rechristened David Marks. Kirsten Dunst does her best work in years as Katie, a sunny working-class blonde who falls for David as a seemingly sensitive youth, then slowly watches him morph into someone secretive and sinister. Ryan Gosling plays David, and while he gives his usual 15 percent too much affectation, few young actors could nail the part of a nasally creep any better. The greatest shortcoming of All Good Things might be Jarecki, who can’t resist pumping up the “uh-oh!” music every time David comes onscreen.