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Sacramento Sound Art Festival

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away—well, OK, Orange County—a garage jazz ensemble calling itself Instagon and referring to itself as “the deamon” formed from members of occult organization Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth North America. For some reason, Instagon decided Sacramento was a good place to spread the word of noise. So its arts organization, Thee Instagon Foundation, teamed up with other creative types to bring you monthly Audio Waffle noise-art happenings, and, this weekend, the annual Sacramento Sound Art Festival, part of NorCal Noisefest. It’s going to be loud. It’s going to be experimental. It might even be ugly at times. And you’ll probably have to B.Y.O.E. (earplugs). But, if you’re curious about the unsurprising theme of “sound as art/art as sound,” you might be excited for performances by local jazz figurehead Ross Hammond (Teakayo Mission, RACE!!!), hardcore darling Zac Nelson (Hexlove, Who’s Your Favorite Son God?), Audioemetic, Chemical Angel, K. Corcoran, Night Nurse and many more. Instagon’s Free Jazz Army will headline the first night’s show. Visual artists include the talented street artist el Mike Rodriguez, Art Lessing, Ben Walker, Kathleen LeMer, Instagon’s own LOB and—you guessed it—many more. 7:30 p.m. F 4/7 and 6 p.m. Sa 4/8, VOX Gallery, 19 and X streets.