Add some Peligro to your night

Sol Peligro with Grupo Fantasma

Sol Peligro carries the very best traits of bands like Tower of Power or even Sublime. That is, the music is catchy as hell, and it makes you want to do something nasty that involves flawed women and illicit drugs. Stripped-down, mellowed-out cumbia with reggae undertones and hip-hop hand claps is what Sol Peligro does best, and, truth be told, it’s a formula for blunt smoke and premarital sex. Add to that the Latin orchestra Grupo Fantasma, Prince’s backing band, and Harlow’s just might need a new dance floor after the show. Nasty. And it comes with a guarantee: “Every time we play, you’re guaranteed to not stand there; it’s infectious,” says Sol Peligro’s group leader Sam Miranda, who adds that the Latin music scene in Sacramento hasn’t gotten nearly enough publicity as of late, which is odd, because we’re Sacra-frigging-mento for God’s sake. Anyway, on the day after Valentine’s, “This is where you want to be,” Miranda says. And by the way, kids—that was just a little joke up there; say no to drugs. It goes down at 9 p.m. on Friday, February 15, at Harlow’s (2708 J Street). The 21-and-over show is $15.