My Cat Hates You

Confession: I’m a dog guy. But, as far as finding the humor value in pets, the cat, which looks awfully close to a “gray” alien if you shave it and pin its pointy ears back with adhesive tape, is pretty darned funny in its own right. Here’s a Web site that catalogues dozens of photographs of pissed-off kitties, with pithy little comments underneath. Click on the link “Your Cats,” then on a letter of the alphabet and then on a thumbnail of a cat to enlarge the photo. A person unfamiliar with the species, viewing said photographs, might come to the conclusion that felines are possessed by malevolent entities that want to hurt you, or at least hide your most prized bones in a place where you’re too dumb to find them. This person would not be wrong. You could waste hours here combing through this site, laughing at irate felines or pawing at—and slobbering all over—your computer monitor. Woof! Woof!