Reverend Ike

Got money problems? Why lay those hands on the TV when Benny Hinn is preaching, when you can visit the Web site of an old-school master of the prosperity religion—Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter, better known as “Reverend Ike”—and get healed? “One Sunday, while I was preaching and receiving the people’s tithes and donations,” the Rev. Ike wrote on his site, “under the Sweet Anointing of the Holy Spirit … the Spirit showed me the BIG MONEY BLESSINGS above the heads of the people trying to get to them!” Can those blessings be received? Ask a certain Mr. Davis: “I asked Rev. Ike to pray for me to get a fine house,” Davis testified. “I got several fine houses! Also, I now own several income-producing houses. I just closed a big deal on some more moneymaking property in Las Vegas. I asked Rev. Ike to pray for me to get a fine Mercedes. I got the fine Mercedes car, plus several limousines!” Pass that collection plate!