Morning buzz

Most of us probably wake up with coffee, so I asked Barrie Gromala, president and co-founder of the local all-organic roasters Beantrees Coffee (, how to make a great cup. Gromala admits he never drank coffee before starting the company in 1993, but that’s changed. Now he starts every day with a quad espresso, black. His tips for a great cup:

“Brewing is pretty simple. It’s basically filtered water, the right grind for your machine—whether it’s a percolator, drip or espresso—and the right temperature, which I believe is 186 degrees. Just make sure your coffee is high-quality organic. Regular coffee uses a lot of chemicals to produce it. For a lot of people, organic is a lot mellower on your stomach and doesn’t give you the jitters—it makes a cleaner cup that’s gentler on your system.”