Pack a lunch

Is it safe to assume that it’s finally spring? With those April showers (read: torrential rains) presumably producing copious May flowers, it ought to be awfully pretty out on the trail, so my thoughts turn to alfresco dining and picnics. The question is what to bring. I called up one of Sacramento’s best places to stock a picnic basket, Selland’s Market-Cafe (5340 H Street, (916) 736-3333), and asked managing partner Tamera Baker what she wouldn’t go on a picnic without. Her answer:

1. “Some wonderful cheese.” Baker suggests a St. Andre triple cream from France or an organic mountain Gorgonzola from Italy.

2. “A great baguette.”

3. “A bit of pâté.”

4. “Most importantly, a good bottle of wine.” She mentioned a Josef Leitz Riesling Spätlese, Rheingau.