Spring flings

As new fresh produce comes into season, it’s a great time to break out light, festive wines to match. I asked wine consultant Elaine Smith (www.winesavvyconsulting.com) for her favorite seasonal pairings:

1. “My perfect spring lunch is fresh fava beans tossed with good olive oil and mint, topped with shaved pecorino, with a crisp, aromatic dry rosé, such as Amador Foothill’s Rosato of Sangiovese.”

2. “Asparagus is essential to celebrating spring, but it can be hard to pair with wine. Sauvignon blancs fit the bill: Serve austere, minerally Haut Poitou (try Demoiselle de Brizay), a grassy Marlborough (Cloudy Bay is still tops) or a fruity Napa version (Mason or Voss).”

3. “I love egg dishes—soufflés, frittatas, tortillas or quiches, perfect for spring brunches and outdoor suppers—with toasty brut champagne or other bubblies, such as Italian Prosecco or Spanish cava, chosen to match the dish’s nationality.”