Misunderstood Wood

Mr. Lobo’s <i>Cinema Insomnia</i>, putting the “cult” in culture since 2001.

Mr. Lobo’s Cinema Insomnia, putting the “cult” in culture since 2001.

Ed Wood’s sci-fi epic Plan 9 from Outer Space garnered him two Golden Turkey Awards, for Worst Film of All Time and Worst Director of All Time. Mr. Lobo, host of Channel 74’s late-night B-movie fest Cinema Insomnia, wants to prove that Plan 9 is “not really a bad movie. It’s just misunderstood.” Give him a chance at Mr. Lobo’s Cult Cinema Supershow this Friday at the Crest Theatre, 1013 K Street. In addition to a screening of the film, there will be live comedy, prizes, a showing of obscure short films and the opportunity to be filmed for the 35th episode of Cinema Insomnia. The show starts at 10 p.m. Call (916) 44-CREST or visit www.cinemainsomnia.com for more information.