Midtown’s new veg spot

Illustration by Hayley Doshay

Midtowners, if you asked Santa for a new vegetarian cafe that focuses on breakfast and lunch for Christmas, he and his deadline-missing elves didn’t forget about you. The Sacramento Business Journal reported that Veg Coffee.Bar.Tearoom is opening this month in the space above Thai Basil, where Level Up Lounge used to be. SN&R reached out to Veg’s owners, but did not hear back before press time to query about what exactly will be on the menu aside from a farm-to-fork focus—and how much of it will be vegan. Fingers crossed there will be many purely plant-based options that are still rich and satisfyingly ooze with umami. Veg Coffee.Bar.Tearoom’s address is 2431 J Street on the second floor. Unimportantly, like N.W.A, the eatery does not have a period at the end of its name, but actually importantly, there’s always room in the Sacramento dining scene for more vegetables. And (vegan!) dessert. Welcome, Veg!