The kindest year

Illustration by SERENE LUSANO

It’s self-improvement season, and for those who made their new year’s resolution to go vegan, it’s a kind choice that benefits oneself, the environment, critters and shrimp slave laborers alike. It can be overwhelming going from omnivore to herbivore cold turkey (imagine how the turkey feels! Ba-dum-tshh!), so transitioning in steps may lead to higher success. For instance, eliminate one category of meat monthly, and then subtract dairy and eggs in phases. Support also helps, so befriend a vegan—they can be spotted by the “Powered by kale” bumper sticker on their Prius (just kidding—not that there’s anything wrong with that). Load up on apps: Is It Vegan? allows users to scan bar codes to verify if products are vegan, VeganXpress lists vegan options on chain restaurant menus, and I Feel Good Vegan Recipes and Meal Plans helps plan chowing down at home. A happy, healthy new year to all!