Man with the Screaming Brain

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Though the trademark rock-hard chin may have softened these days, Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead and Brisco County, Jr.) retains respect from anyone with a love for quirky comedy and cheesy horror. His latest has the former Ash all over it; Campbell co-writes, directs and stars in Man with the Screaming Brain. When the Chin—here a grumpy businessman visiting Bulgaria—and his cab driver are killed by a vengeful hotel maid, a mad scientist seeking investors decides to prove his work by transplanting both their brains into Campbell’s body. What follows is cheesy as all hell (the fact that it was produced by the Sci-Fi Channel is painfully apparent in its low-budget style), but the film is goodhearted, and Campbell and longtime cohort Ted Raimi both turn in amusing Three Stooges-style performances.