The Directors Label volumes 4-7

Palm Pictures

Palm Pictures continues its chic, commendably adventurous Directors Label series, begun in 2003 with the mission, as its liner notes explain, of “curating the work of today’s most important and innovative filmmakers.” This batch includes Mark Romanek, Jonathan Glazer, Anton Corbijn and Stéphane Sednaoui—whose names auteurist aficionados of music videos and artful commercials will need to know, if they don’t already. Evidently, this quartet already enjoys effusive praise from some of the most famously stylish single-name stars in modern music: Bono, Björk and Flea. The whole package is effusive, actually, and expensive: a well-appointed, gorge-worthy buffet of the directors’ slickest stuff, with plenty of annotative commentary about their creative processes. It may be a better deal than film school.