The Greater Wrong of the Right Live

Synthetic Symphony

Great news, industrial-noise fans: The puppy is back. Pioneering Canadian industrial-noise-rockers Skinny Puppy created a unique brand of death-techno that has managed to amaze listeners since 1982. Now, two decades after Nivek Ogre and Cevin Key’s humble musical beginnings, their 2004 album The Greater Wrong of the Right can be experienced on DVD. For those who missed the band’s heyday, this allows an opportunity to get caught up, by way of a stunning visual apocalypse. With special features including archival footage from the making of two earlier albums, Last Rights and Too Dark Park, the DVD offers a long view of the band’s progress. After all this time, Skinny Puppy remains light years ahead of most other industrial bands, and it’ll still blast your eardrums out of your skull.