The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Criterion Collection

It’s not like you’re going to see Nicolas Roeg’s cult-fave science-fiction fable in this presentation, which restores the 20 minutes imprudently excised for its 1976 American release, and say, “Oh, now I get it.” Getting it, anyway, is missing it; this is simply a weird movie about estrangement. David Bowie’s big-screen debut as a fallen-angel alien in a hostile world—you know, ours—retains its inspired, mysterious rightness, and Roeg’s offhandedly dense mosaic style appeals for more than nostalgia’s sake. Criterion’s devotional treatment invites indulgence with a sharp widescreen transfer; a handsome reprint of the Walter Tevis novel from which the film was adapted; and an array of special features, including plenty of companionable commentary from Roeg, Bowie and co-star Buck Henry.