Letters for September 3, 2015

Sac loves L.A.?

Re “Walk this way?” by Nick Miller (SN&R Editor’s Note, August 27):

Why do the “leaders” of this great city have an L.A. inferiority complex? First they want a Staples Center-type arena plunked down in the middle of downtown, just like LA. Now, a Hollywood-type walk of fame. What next? A Dodgers-type of River Cats? Why cant we as a city be more original instead of another L.A. wannabe?

Victor Morales


Balanced cover story

Re “Shot in the park” by Nick Miller (SN&R Feature Story, August 27):

Thank you for this article. It was nice to see a balanced piece that involved such diverse populations. I am retired USAF and former (five year) special agent AFOSI (USAF Internal Affairs, class 87-C) as well as someone that deals with mental illness. You presented the story I believe fairly while still giving those involved in each group an inner glimpse of the circumstances. I have been dealing with mental illness since the end of 1991, one year after the Gulf War. After my wartime service, I medically retired (12 years active service) and settled in Sacramento.

Since retiring I have worked as an advocate for the mentally ill with NAMI [National Allegiance on Mental Illness] and have lead groups for consumers at local mental health clinics (Human Rights Campaign and Placer County Mental Health, Roseville) and within the VA system. My diagnoses has ranged from schizo-affective to complex PTSD. It just translates to “often difficult” to maintain an even life. I also have had interactions with local law enforcement. And as life is always funny at times, I am stepping away after four years as a licensed private detective.

Thank you for your work on the story. I do encourage you to write more on the subject as you have a balanced yet still pointed style. Stay safe and balanced yourself and may you enjoy peace.

Christopher A.S.

via email

Help SN&R!

Re “Truth to power” by Jeff vonKaenel (SN&R Greenlight, August 27):

Free speech is not free. The government has unlimited funds to suppress free speech and frustrate the public’s right to know. Donate to SN&R.

Erik Smitt



In the August 27 “Shot in the park” Feature Story, our writer reported errors regarding Sacramento County’s behavioral health budget. First, county supervisors recently approved the allocation of $16 million in spending on behavioral health. Second, the total number of new beds for mental-health patients will be 75 (60 beds at four different centers, plus 15 additional hospital beds).

We regret these errors.