Letters for August 20, 2015

Bernie yes! SN&R no!

Re “Summer of Sanders” by Paul Heintz (SN&R Feature Story, August 6):

Bernie Sanders doesn't stand a chance for president? Really? This is just lazy, uninspired writing. Ironically, I picked up this issue on the day a poll shows him leading in New Hampshire. As soon as I finished lunch I stuck the paper back in the box. Try harder, SN&R.

Mark Soto

Elk Grove

Sacto’s rap bias

Re “That’s a rap” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R News, August 13):

Lavish D has been convicted of a crime he has not committed, and his right to free speech has dealt a punishing blow to him, his career and society. If we can send a man to prison because he might commit a crime, then start building more prisons.

Curtis T. Kangas


Vote Bernie!

Re “Summer of Sanders” by Paul Heintz (SN&R Feature Story, August 6):

Whoever is responsible for the content of “Summer of Sanders” should get a grip on reality. Maybe your editor or the person writing this article is a Hillary supporter, but you are not paying attention to what is going on nationwide as relating to the growing support for Bernie Sanders! There is a groundswell of support for Bernie, and Hillary cannot just stand still and hope that things work out for her. If she ends up being the Democratic candidate for president, I would vote for her as the lesser of two evils. I hope that this not the case, because she is tainted!

Roy Graham


Bernie ain’t dead yet

Re “Summer of Sanders” by Paul Heintz (SN&R Feature Story, August 6):

A new poll, co-sponsored by the Boston Herald, shows that when likely voters were asked “Who would you vote for in the Democratic primary if it were held today?” they chose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton by a seven-point margin, 44-37. He has now closed the gap and then some. It’s only August. Are you sure he “doesn’t stand a chance for president?”

And by the way, did you have to use such an ugly and unrecognizable portrait on your cover last week? The smooth outline of his skull took away his signature sparse-but-tousled hair, and his skin tone was that of a bleached-white zombie. Bernie may be old (74 next month), but he ain’t dead yet.

Julie A. Maahs & Walter Rhoads


Don’t discourage democracy

Re “Summer of Sanders” by Paul Heintz (SN&R Feature Story, August 6):

I was pleasantly surprised (ecstatic, actually) when I saw Sanders’ picture on the cover of your August 6 issue. My feelings immediately turned to disgust, however, when I saw the subheading: “Bernie doesn’t stand a chance for president”? I wonder why you would do anything to discourage potential supporters, particularly in the formative stages, of a candidate who represents (by far) the best hope we have for addressing society’s ills and who you would undoubtedly endorse if the election were held tomorrow.

Riz Koross



In our August 13 issue, the wrong interview was published in our 15 Minutes section. This was due to a production error. The correct interview can be read on page 67 of this issue.

In our Dish review from the August 6 issue, we used an incorrect name for Thai Orchid in the headline.