Letters for July 16, 2015

Strong mayor reminder

Re “It is what it is” by Cosmo Garvin (SN&R Feature Story, July 9):

This is a perfect example of why Sacramento's voters were 100 percent right in rejecting Johnson's strong-mayor bid. We don't need autocrats or would-be autocrats in public office. Johnson is showing weakness of character and temperament.

Gonzalo Vergara


Sac needs reform

Re “It is what it is” by Cosmo Garvin (SN&R Feature Story, July 9):

The good thing about the mayor’s lawsuit against the city and SN&R is that Sacramento is finally comprehending the depth and breadth of the city government’s recent bad behavior. Hopefully, this means that city government will get long overdue reforms.

Jason Orta


K.J. smoke, K.J. fire

Re “It is what it is” by Cosmo Garvin (SN&R Feature Story, July 9):

Wanted to commiserate in your recent speaking truth to K.J.’s power. I too once spoke up using my legally mandated responsibilities in dealing with one of K.J.’s many indiscretions—this time regarding his oldest known problem: keeping his hands to himself. How I was met—with threatening attorneys, categorical denials and personal attacks—feels eerily similar to what you are presently enduring. Keep the faith. I learned, in my time working alongside him, the more smoke he blows, the more you know you are close to real fire. Let him feel the burn of truth. Or least revel in a soon-to-be-coming covert attempt to pay you off!

Erik Jones

former teacher at Sacramento High School

Thank you, SN&R

Re “Silly, not strong” by Jeff vonKaenel (SN&R Greenlight, July 9):

I applaud Jeff vonKaenel and his staff for standing tall and not letting this city official bully you. I’m very glad you didn’t support him for strong mayor. I will support you all the way!

Mike Mansch


K.J. worse than silly

Re “Silly, not strong” by Jeff vonKaenel (SN&R Greenlight, July 9):

I don’t see how K.J. can get elected to a third term. On transparency, he’s a hypocrite. And with regards to these emails, he comes across as another government weasel who thinks the rules don’t apply to him. It’s kind of you to describe him as silly. Actually he’s much, much worse than that.

Daniel McMasters

via email

PTSD isn’t cut-and-dry

Re “Skinny jeans and PTSD” by Nick Miller (SN&R Essay, July 2):

Thank you for your insightful essay. I was just an average East Sac 19-year-old in 1969. Got drafted, went to Vietnam, got severely wounded, dumped back into the world and spent six years trying to recover from my wounds. I really didn’t realize how deep the trauma went. I had done things that I knew most people could not fathom. My basic personality was altered from what I had been just a year earlier. Always on alert, angry, hair-trigger emotions, all because of the unspeakable violence I had endured. Thank you for telling people that it’s not so cut-and-dry trying to deal with PTSD.


via email


Re “Stingers down” by Rachel Leibrock (SN&R Essay, July 9):

It was reported that The Sacramento Bee did not run a correction in print for its reporting of the K.J.-SN&R lawsuit. We were wrong; the Bee ran a correction. We also misspelled attorney Jeffrey Dorso’s name in that essay.