Letters for June 11, 2015

Yay College Essay!

Re “The kids are all right” (SN&R Feature Story, May 28):

After reading the winning 2015 College Essay stories, I have every confidence in the future of our country if it is left in the hands of these outstanding kids. Each essay was better then the next, and I was bowled over by their experiences and insights. Thank you, SN&R, for running this contest. Your May 28 issue made my day.

P.S. Would it be too much to ask for the same essay writing contest for the seniors in our community?

Rosemary Tanfani


Growth versus drought

Re “The numbers game” by Cosmo Garvin (SN&R Bites, June 4):

Sacramento leadership is doing a good job of promoting the growth concept by building the arena, a hotel, new housing and many other projects. What I do not get is how Sacramento is going to accommodate this growth when we are in “drought mode.” Growth means more demand for water. How is Sacramento going to handle that demand? Why should Sacramento residents adhere to strict water restrictions that have proposed monetary penalties when the city has not called for a moratorium on growth/building?

Barbara Stanton


College Essay congrats!

Re “The kids are all right” (SN&R Feature Story, May 28):

Although the first- and second-place essays were good, I must say that I was quite moved by Martin Kyalwazi’s third-place essay. Had I anything to say in the voting process, I would have awarded Kyalwazi’s essay first place. In my opinion, it was exceptionally well-written and I was pulled into his story of internal conflict and found myself rooting for him as he stumbled along his path toward self-realization. It is very rare that I write a letter to the editor, but I felt compelled to congratulate this extraordinary young man on his outstanding exposition. There is no doubt in my mind that the world his generation is inheriting will be in fine hands with people like him and his cohorts at the helm.

Dan Wilson



In last week’s News feature (“Simon’s says no” by Nick Miller, June 4), Simon Chan’s name was incorrect. Our apologies.