Letters for May 14, 2015

Streetcar tax is real

Re “Yes on streetcar” (SN&R Editorial, May 7):

Are you f'ing kidding us? We will only pay .5 percent of the project? Federal government, West Sacramento, city and county, state all kicking in what? Our tax money! So we pay taxes to all these entities to pay for crap, and they you tell us we are only going to be taxed a “little more.” You guys are true snake oil salesmen!

Curt Fry

via email

But will they ride streetcar?

Re “Ride the line?” by Nick Miller (SN&R Feature Story, May 7)

Has anybody done the math on the streetcar ridership estimates? The Sacramento Area Council of Governments estimate is bogus! Do they really believe that 5,479 people per day are going to ride it every day? I find that impossible. These figures don’t make sense to me.

Trent Harger