Letters for July 9, 2015

Prostitutes are people, too

Re “Sex, vice and suffering” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R Feature Story, July 2):

Thanks, SN&R, for publishing an article that gives us multiple perspectives and sheds some light on how the issues involved in prostitution are not simply right or wrong. These are real people, and by showing us their stories, we see that these are our neighbors, and can even be our friends. And they need us to care about them.

Josh Hooper


Former sex worker says …

Re “Sex, vice and suffering” by Raheem F. Hosseini (SN&R Feature Story, July 2):

Thank you for your excellent article about sex workers. I am an ex-sex worker from Sacramento beginning in 1976. My story is on Oprah Ambassador of Hope, and I am the winner of William Randolph Hearst Award for Outstanding Achievement at Sacramento State. Who would have thought a 30-year veteran prostitute could accomplish such things? I know these women stuck in the “life” have treasures and gifts that money cannot buy, once they are able to find their voice. Your article brought humanity and light to the issue of sex workers and their plights. Thank you again.

Julie Debbs


Ethnic studies ‘foolish’

Re “Diversifying education” by Brooke Purves (SN&R Beats, June 25):

This is simply a horrible idea! It means that high school kids in Sac will only be taught about foreign culture and not about American culture. If they do not have an interest in our culture, just what are they doing here? It is an absurd and foolish idea. In America you learn American history and culture, not Mexican, Vietnamese or Ghanian culture and history.

Keith W. Brown


More white history?

Re “Diversifying education” by Brooke Purves (SN&R Beats, June 25):

If there is to be “ethnic” studies, then Caucasian European heritage must be studied and celebrated, too. They can go over all the rich cultural and scientific contributions that whites have added to our diverse history, since this is no longer taught in a positive manner in regular classes in Sacramento schools.

Alice L. Lemke

Cameron Park


In last week’s cover story, “Sex, vice and suffering” by Raheem F. Hosseini, Councilman Rick Jennings was incorrectly identified as the city leader representing Stockton Boulevard’s red-light district. That is incorrect: The district is represented by Council members Eric Guerra and Jay Schenirer, in addition to County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy.