Letters for August 13, 2015

Sex and the city’s problem

Re “Sexual harassment and the city” by Nick Miller (SN&R Editor’s Note, August 6):

There is a solution to this folly. A page out of Sacramento County's playbook would stop a lot of this “I can't be touched” attitude by our city officials. The county board of supervisors are policed by our grand jury, whereas the city crew is under the unwatchful eye of the Political Fair Practice Commission. Our grand jury packs a much meaner bite on this crap. We the voters will have to get this on the ballot, as you will find no support for from the city officials on this—kinda like Kryptonite and Superman.

Woody Boyd


Don’t drink gun Kool-Aid

Re “The new Wild West” by Alastair Bland (SN&R Feature Story, July 30):

Thank you for this article! It’s about time some common sense was heard loud and clear on this—front page, no less. It’s painful to read all of the opposing comments, but there are so many of us who agree 100 percent and know how irresponsible it is to use the public as back-up vigilante law enforcement. Most of us are less impassioned as we’re not paranoid and haven’t drunk the wild west Kool-Aid, so we don’t chime in as loudly, but we need to. If you’re one of the meek who are tired of living in fear and of being policed by a bunch of bullies, get active. Please join your local movements to help pass and enforce sensible gun control laws. No one is taking anyone’s guns away, but common sense needs to be restored. This article is right on the money!

Laura Boosalis


Disgusted by gun violence

Re “The new Wild West” by Alastair Bland (SN&R Feature Story, July 30):

Like most Americans, I am disgusted with the gun violence that is gradually destroying our country. We cannot expect the powerful NRA and its political supporters to ease up on their beliefs that “the people” have a constitutional right to bear arms. I can guarantee you that when the framers of the Constitution wrote and supported the Second Amendment, their intent was to permit the colonists to possess single-shot pistols and muskets to help form a standing militia to defend primarily against tyranny. In this case, a tyrannical England. To apply the Second Amendment to today’s world is ludicrous.

Jose Gonzalez